Tis the season…. to eat pumpkin


Tis the season.... to eat pumpkin

Pumpkin ale is one of my new faves for the fall! This one in particular is called Greenpoint Leaf Pile but I’ll just say pumpkin ale since no one wants to wonder why you’re drinking leaf pile.

Got this at Buddha Beer Bar in Washington Heights, NY. A new kind of bar for the area although it also fits right in as a sports bar and filled with angry previous jocks or want to be jocks (at least when I went there). Otherwise its a good medium size, they have many local beers, and a good set of nachos and sweet potato fries. Best part is that the pumpkin ale is rimmed with cinammon and brown sugar! Autumn delighttt.

Now my only problem with this place was this one waitress. When we asked for a menu she responded as if we had asked her with an attitude. No attitude was given (I just wanted to my grub on!) and she took a good amount of time coming back to take our orders. Double that time to get our bill and double the double time in waiting for our change. Maybe she thought we were giving the change as a tip but for a 30 dollar meal we’re going to give 17 dollar tip? Right. I love to give extra for people who are extra slow when its not that busy. Anyway, we finally got the change from a different waitress and got the heck out of there.

Overall, Buddha Beer Bar is an alliteration worth visiting.


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