Step back Colonel, its Korean Fried Chicken


Step back Colonel, its Korean Fried Chicken

For those of you who haven’t already experienced this wonderful phenomenon, let me introduce you to korean fried chicken. This yummy dish was had at Bon Chon on 38th street, but there are other restaurants around the city as well because its so damn good.

Some people don’t believe that these are chicken wings since they look like baby drumsticks (the restaurants have drumsticks too, though!) but think of the chicken’s upper wing/arm? and that’s what you’re getting. A little plump goodness that’s unique because of its soy&garlic flavor or its spicy option. Want both? No problem. Bon Chon gives you the option to do some garlic and some spicy in the same order. You’re also served with a small metal bucket to put away your bones. I personally don’t use it because sometimes I like seeing how much I’ve gotten through…other times I very disgusted with myself but we all move on 🙂 The last finishing touch that makes eating Bon Chon chicken such a satisfying, heart-warming, belly-filling, experience are the radish cubes, a perfect way to diffuse the spiciness or clean your palette for the next crunchy, flavorful bite.


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