Staple Meal : SMT


Many times I sit on the couch wondering how I’m going to cook some nutritious fabulous intricate meal and realize I’m not that great of a cook so when I’m feeling tired from the day or need a quick start to it I stir up one of my regular go-to meals. Instead of the BLT, I make the SMT, Spinach, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes (Slice of toast optional – if you’re feeling bready)

Before I continue..I want to put up my only issue with Spinach. Spinach, why are you so deceiving? You come in these nice beautiful bunches and or the big organic plastic containers, but once I fry you shrink to a saddening portion. I keep forgetting I just need much more of you in my life to fill my needs.
Ok, and we’re back. SMT is so simple that I probably don’t even have to write about it, but in case you’re still wondering:

Heat the pan. Pour in the olive oil (not too much). Mince some garlic and then just drop that right in. Then slice your mushrooms and slide that right over and let them get brown and coated with that garlic and oil. Depending on how you like your tomatoes you can put them before or after your spinach. Oh yes, the deceitful spinach don’t forget to put that in and stir it all around until the spinach has been obviously cooked and terrified into shrinking.
Then you have SMT and those three ingredients together are yummy and nutritious, plus if you’re feeling hungrier SMT goes well with ground beef, cheese, and many other combinations.




A French Roast Brunch



Eggs Florentine with potatoes.
Spinach and poached eggs on a biscuit that blend into a savory crunch. Coated by breakfast and packing the happiness of lunch, Oh yes please. Enough texture and flavor to satisfy anyone, especially me who at one in the afternoon had not yet had anything to eat (a very dangerous situation).

The place is called French Bistro in the 80s on Broadway. Open 24 hours with homey decor and verging on American diner style, which is spared by the hanging artwork and nonuniformal seating. The atmosphere is lively and gets crowded a good amount. Overall I thought it was pretty pleasant and I would go back.

Butter me pasta



Sunday dinner with the roomie!
Now I am no chef, but when in lack of marinara, Alfredo, or some fancy sauce, just call on good old butter. Sauteé some garlic onions with seasoning (I’m a Basil girl) and then drop in the mushrooms and tomatoes. After youve strained the pasta throw it in and stir around quickly.

And Voila, bon appet–
Oh wait I’ve already finished my food because of how delicious it is.

Doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to a good wine. Courtesy of our friend Lisa, the wine is Cheval Noir Saint-Émilion. A Grand Vin indeed. It’s very full bodied, mostly dry, and just a tiny bit tart from the hints of fruit.

Nice relaxing meal before the Mondays come around 🙂

I’ve become one of those food blogger types!


Well … not quite … since this is my first post. But we shall get there. This blog is an outlet for the incessant picture-taking of food that I do. I’m also trying to get myself more into cooking and I’m hoping I can inspire myself to create meals that are worthy enough to go on here and not meals that will just give me pity comments. Anyway, I should have come in with the food part earlier. So here – I’ll give a little Image

It’s Fried Alligator! Down in New Orleans when I went to visit last year. It was yummy like a heartier chicken ( I promise I’ll try to come up with more sophisticated food descriptions later on).